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If you’re like me, when traveling it’s important to be comfortable, yet stylish from head to toe.  Especially on long haul flights, comfort is key, whether you’re traveling in economy or first class.   I have also put together a list of key pieces I like to wear when traveling. These are simple comfortable pieces that are stylish, versatile, and will have you looking sharp and put together in flight.

Be sure to send your feedback if you have any additional tips or items that make your traveling experience more comfortable and safe.  Happy Travels!

Flight Fashion

I think one of the most import things when traveling is making sure you wear comfy layers, which helps you adapt to the temperature where ever your destination may be.   A comfy pair of pants, a thin soft shell such as a tank top, a soft all purpose sweater, a well tailored blazer or cardigan, and finally a comfortable shoe.  Along with the items below, I never leave home without my trusty in flight travel essentials kit.


I like start by layering on a light weight top, here are a few light, versatile choices to get you started.


MANGO Sequined Border Top, $44.99 / Anthropologie Appliqued Lace Tank, $88


I usually wear pants when traveling, because it tends to get a bit cold at 35,000 feet up in the air.   I love wearing black leggings because they are very comfortable on long flights and looks dressy, plus they do not wrinkle. The Pixie pant from JCrew is not quite a legging but give you the same comfortable sharp look as a dress pant.


 J.Crew Pixie pant, $88 / J.Crew Signature Leggings, $39.50


Blazer / Cardigan

Next, I layer on a light weight cardigan or boyfriend jacket, depending on the weather at my final destination. Both will keep you looking sharp and comfortable, and easily to remove and store if the temperature changes.


Tom Joules Tweed Coat, 348 / Top Shop Ponte Boyfriend Jacket, $60

TopShop Zip Front Cardigan, $84 / MANGO Leather Pockets Cardigan, $79.99


One essential item I definitely cannot leave off this list is a soft wrap around scarf.  Depending on the temperature at your destination, you can opt for a light airy scarf or a thicker warmer cashmere or wool scarf. Also if you get a larger shawl like scarf it will double as a blanket :)

Banana Republic Tonal Cotton Scarf, $49.50 / MANGO Reversible Knit Scarf, $69.99


The important thing to remember when flying is wearing shoes that are both easy to slip on and off and are comfortable.  Both of these styles are easy to get in and out of and the ballerina flats fold easily into your carry on.  You can interchange out of the booties when you get on and off the plane to keep your style looking put together.

Lucky Brand Emmie, $59 / Ash Nikita Wrap Booties, $210

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  1. Deborah Seidel says:

    Nice article!

    Suggestion: Next time, please show multiple photo shots of these items together. The piece falls short when you emphasize layering and flexibility but fail to show how these pieces would really look together in several variations on real people. Thanks! Nice job.

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