In Flight Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

I absolutely love traveling and when I do I never leave home without my in flight travel essential kit.  It contains all my favorites products, that keeps me comfortable, hydrated and dazzling, no matter my destination.  Being 30,000 feet up in the air sucks the moisture out of your skin, it is important to keep your face and hands hydrated and moist.  That’s when a great organic face mist like Angel Face Botanical Cucumber Facial Mist  and L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream comes in handy.  However, don’t over mist, or else it will end up drying out your skin, unless you also apply a moisturizer after you have spritzed to lock in the moisture.  It will keep your face looking and feeling hydrated.  I also like to keep Wet Ones wipes as well as scented Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer accessible to keep germs at bay. Continue below for more essentials.


In Flight Travel Essentials

If you want to dazzle up your look to disembark, dust your face with a sheer finish powder like Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish press powder, concentrating on your T-zone.  You can also include your favorite eyeliner and mascara in your kit, as well as a tinted lip balm like Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm.  I prefer to carry a lip balm or chap stick in flight, because the cabin pressure on board, increases pressure build up in tube type containers, causing it to squirt out when opened in flight.

Another thing I never leave home without, for when I travel on long overnight flights, are  Colgate Wisps.  They are super convenient, easy to use and will freshen your breath in no time.  Finally to complete your in flight kit, you’re going to need a great makeup bag.  Choose something compact, light, and of course something with a fun bright design.  I love the MARC by Marc Jacobs cosmetic pouch included in the set above.   Also, checkout  Flight 001 brand, they also carry some great in flight bags and pouches.


4 Responses to In Flight Travel Essentials

  1. Minni says:

    Great travel tips! I always look like a mess after a long flight, these travel essentials will definitely be helpful!

  2. [...] I think one of the most import things when traveling is making sure you wear comfy layers, which helps you adapt to the temperature where ever your destination may be.   A comfy pair of pants, a thin soft shell such as a tank top, a soft all purpose sweater, a well tailored blazer or cardigan, and finally a comfortable shoe.  Along with the items below, I never leave home without my trusty in flight travel essentials kit. [...]

  3. Cristina says:

    I love these and plan to include a link to this post in an upcoming Fit in Clouds blog post. I’m also going to shoot you an email with an idea for collaboration :)

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